With its hill-top dominant landscape, the Montalbano area is suitable for those who want to be in contact with nature.

Our hotel in Fucecchio lies at the borders of the tourist area called Montalbano, extending for 16,000 hectares in the area between the provinces of Florence, Pistoia and Prato.
With its hilly dominant landscape, its extensive vineyards and olive groves, chestnut woods, the Montalbano area is particularly suitable for those who want to be close to nature and relax with the wide range of trails to be carried on foot or by bicycle along the itineraries that reach hilly areas immersed in greenery, archaeological sites, ancient forests.

It is also possible to participate in the numerous food and wine courses following simply the wine and oil roads that insist on the area.

Today, Montalbano is an ecological tourism area: it has successfully developed the agritourism of the area, in a synergic and original interplay of agricultural activities, both traditional and unusual (from the production of oil and wine to that of honey, Cheeses, jams, officinal herbs) with activities to enhance the natural beauty of the area, through the realization of trekking paths, stopping points.

The Montalbano landscape encloses the characters of an ancient, almost solemn beauty made of history and memory, and those of a vital evolution that over the centuries to the present day is visible both in the material and immaterial testimonies of the territory that In the activities of its people.

The Montabano area contains some interesting ancient villages that definitely deserve a visit:
Cerreto Guidi
The taste of hospitality makes it always pleasant for stays between these hills cultivated with vines and olive trees: DOCG vines are produced and Cerreto Guidi is a member of the association "Wine town". The vineyards flank the hills dotted with beautiful farms, historic villas and vast colonies

Located in a verdant countryside, between vineyards and olive groves that offer great wine and fine oil, Vinci is situated on the slopes of Montalbano, a charming, hilly hilltop between the provinces of Florence and Pistoia.
The heart of the historic center is the Castle of the Conti Guidi, which with its order of high and sturdy besieged walls followed the course of the earth, winding the summit of the hillside according to the characteristic elliptical shape still evident today.

Capraia and Limite
With its historic and profound connection with the Arno river, it also meant that in the Middle Ages, the importance of the city as a river port continued to grow and that the category of Limite sailboats became the most experienced and sought after for important transport From Florence to the mouth.

Carmignano is a treasure trove of historical and artistic riches, testimonies of a glorious past and of no less illustrative present.

It is located in a central position, easily reachable from the main Tuscan cities, and is located between two natural jewels of Tuscany: the Padule di Fucecchio and the sweet hills of Montalbano.

Larciano Alto has maintained the medieval urban layout, whose wall is preserved.

Monsummano Terme
Two medieval settlements are found on the hills of Monsummano Alto and Montevettolini.

Poggio Caiano
Serravalle Pistoiese

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