Pisa a famous medieval town knows for the wonderful Piazza dei Miracoli and Leaning Tower.

Pisa knows its period of maximum splendor since the 11th century thanks to its flourishing maritime activity and its political independence leading to becoming the Marinara Republic of Pisa.
Between the 12th and 13th centuries Pisa came to control the entire Mediterranean.
The Pisan independence lasted until 1409 when, after several battles, Florence managed to conquer the much desired outlet on the sea.

A sign of the Florentine domination remains today the Piazza dei Cavalieri, so called because the seat of the Order of Knights of Santo Stefano, a chivalrous religious order wanted by Cosimo I Medici and rich of important buildings, including the Church of Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri designed by Vasari.

Always from Vasari is the monumental Palazzo della Carovana, built by renovating the medieval Palazzo degli Anziani. From 1846 it is home to the upper Normale school, becoming one of the main places of attraction of Pisa. Facing the palace is instead the Palace of the Council of the Twelve, the first Palazzo dei Priori, restructured to the will of the Medici in order to conform to New aesthetic taste of the square.

Another important building is the medieval Palace of the Clock, which has become a famous attraction for visitors because here in the Tower of the Muda died Count Ugolino of Gherardesca with his sons, a famous story cited in the verses of the Divine Comedy.

The notoriety of Pisa all over the world is due to the wonderful Piazza dei Miracoli in which are located the most important monuments of the city:
The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Baptistery of St. John the Baptist and the Bell Tower of Santa Maria, better known as the Leaning Tower.
Impressive and evocative the spectacle of the moultural complex that stands out on the turf.
For its beauty since 1987 the square is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to reach Pisa from our hotel in Fucecchio:
By car: Take the A11 / E76 motorway to Altopascio, exit Pisa (about 40min) or the FI-PI-LI freeway from San Miniato to Pisa Centro and from there continue down to the Duomo (about 40 minutes).

By train: from San Miniato Station, take the Florence - Pisa line. (About 50min)
We offer a shuttle service to San Miniato station + A / R railway ticket for 2 people
Euro 30,00

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