San Miniato white truffle

The white truffle of San Miniato is the finest underground mushroom harvested

The white truffle of San Miniato hills, with its geographical production area extending towards the Pisan internal countryside, is the finest underground mushroom harvested a few inches deep in a limited number of areas favored by nature for the particular.

Of these favorite "white truffles", San Miniato holds more primates. His is the largest truffle ever found, a fragrant tuber of 2,520 grams which was donated in 1954, with great emphasis on the President of the United States. Eisenhauer. But it is also a top priority, due not only to the fertility of the forests, but also to the accuracy and depth of respect for the environment in which harvesting takes place.
The value of the San Miniato White Truffle is in its rarity.

The San Miniato's National Market Show of San Miniato, every years in november, transforming the city into a large open-air laboratory.

In the heart of the truffle land, in the woods and in the countryside, more intimate and hidden holidays anticipate in October the offer in the smallest villages of the oldest truffle dynasties: the Feast of Corazzano at the foot of the Romanesque church of St. John the Baptist, The Feast of Balconevisi, the ancient village of the Florentine family of Strozzi, where each district participates in a Palio course of paper.

In March, in Cigoli, you can taste the Marzuolo Truffle.

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