Lands of the Renaissance

The Lands of the Renaissance is a tour itinerary and a museum system that preserves important historical and artistic testimonies of the Italian Renaissance.

The Lands of the Renaissance is a touristic itinerary and a museum system that preserves important historical and artistic testimonies of the Italian Renaissance.
Part of the circuit of the Lands of the Renaissance are the municipalities of Capraia and Limite, Cerreto Guidi, Empoli, Fucecchio, Montelupo Fiorentino and Vinci.

Among the opportunity to visit from the historical and artistic point of view are:
The places visited by the Medici family at Cerreto Guidi and Fucecchio;
The Medicean Complex with its collections;
The Medici Bridge of Cappiano;
Paintings and sculptures from the 14th to the 16th centuries of the Collegiate Museum of Empoli;
The sixteenth-century ceramic tradition of Montelupo Fiorentino and Capraia and Limite;
Vinci, the Leonardo's city, one of the most renowned Renaissance characters, to deepen the knowledge of the Leonardian Vinci Museum and the places of origin.

Also within the area there are interesting itineraries and excursions of a naturalistic and enogastronomic nature:
The protected area of ​​Montalbano, where a wide network of pedestrian and cycling paths, surrounded by greenery, archaeological sites and ancient woods,
The Fucecchio Marshes, the largest Italian marsh that offers great attractions for birdwatchers;
The "Colline di Leonardo" wine path, which touches the communes of Capraia and Limite, Cerreto Guidi, Lamporecchio, Larciano, Monsummano Terme, Quarrata, Serravalle Pistoiese and Vinci.

Attractions in the area:
Historical center, Palazzo Corsini, with the Civic Museum where you can admire a vast collection of works from the prehistoric age to the contemporary age: with (in addition, in May it is possible to attend the Palio delle Contrade and Infiorata).

Montelupo Fiorentino
Famous in Tuscany and around the world to be the city of pottery and terracotta processing. Along with pottery at the end of June, one of the largest events and events in Tuscany is held: the Ceramica Festival, during which exhibitions, shows and shows are held.
You can visit the Archaeological Museum and Ceramics.

It is a service center, industrial and commercial city renowned for its glassworks.
The city also boasts intense cultural activities, with an interesting historical center with shops, churches and museums.
You can visit the Glass Museum, where you can admire glass processing and paleontological museum (with a prehistoric era path).

It is a small village, tied to the name of Leonardo. It is possible to visit the home of Leonardo da Vinci, a farmhouse where the great genius is born, and the Leonean Museum.
It is possible to admire the scientific instruments devoted to Leonardo's studies.
Also during the month of July you can attend the Festival of Unicorn (big event with medieval market, concerts, comics area, shows, cos play and much more).

Cerreto Guidi
It is located not far from Vinci and Empoli, you can appreciate its small historic center, with the famous Villa Medicea declared a UNESCO World Heritage site (villa belonging to the Medici family) and historical hunting museum.
Newly opened is the Memory Museum, a place where images and testimonies of the years of the Great War are preserved.
For those who love food and wine, Cerreto offers the possibility of booking visits and tastings at some local farms.
Also during the July period, you can attend the Wine Festival, with local wine tastings, shows and concerts.

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