Montalbano by bike in Tuscany

For your cycling holiday in Tuscany choose the scenery and the hills of Montalbano. Week end and bike week in Montalbano.

For your cycling holiday in Tuscany choose the scenery and hills of Montalbano!
Whether you are a mountain bike or racing bike lover, Montalbano hills in Tuscany are the ideal destination for a stay in the nature or for your training days.
From our hotel located in Le Vedute, Fucecchio, there are numerous itineraries to discover the beauties of the area.

Our bike hotel in Tuscany offers:
Guarded deposit
Possibility to rent mountain bikes and racing bikes (also electric mountain bikes)
Possibility to take part in organized excursions with local operators such as the excursion to Padule di Fucecchio.
Laundry sportswear

The Bike Week End package is dedicated to those want to spend a weekend for discovering Montalbano's hills and includes:
2 nights accommodations in our hotel in double room with
breakfast buffet specially designed for athletes
Sandwiches and fruit for your tour
Energy bars
Small buffet when returning with energy drinks
Euro 120.00 per person

Take advantage of our Bike Week Package with 7 nights stay in a double room
The package includes:
Bed and breakfast with buffet specially designed for athletes
Sandwiches and fruit
Energy bars
Small buffet when returning with energy drinks
From € 400.00 per person!

On request and with supplement:
Transfer service to / from airport and railway station
Bike rent

All the year

The cycling routes in the Montalbano are generally mixed, on asphalt and dirt road, and in any case you are always ride on solitary streets and in the woods. Technical difficulties are few and only affect short sections, in these cases it is better to go down from the bike and proceed by pushing it by hand.
Being hill and mountain trails require a bit of uphill training.
The itineraries vary from 8.5 to 45 km, and are made up of rings that almost always intersect or, in part, overlap. The biker can thus extend the path to his pleasure and according to his preparation.
They can be traveled with the necessary precautions and proper clothing at all times of the year.

Montevettolini - Castle of Monsummano - Monsummano Terme - Montevettolini
It is a ring route, short but with challenging climbs.
It allows you to enjoy a beautiful view over the valley and Padule di Fucecchio from the top of Colle di Monsummano. You can reach the center of Monsummano Terme from the Grotta Giusti spa.
Length 15 km
Altitude rise 500 m
Type of mountain bike route
Asphalt and dirt features
Difficult the first part and the climb to the Colle di Monsummano

Montevettolini - San Baronto - Spicchio - Lamporecchio - Castel Martini - Fucecchio marshes - Montevettolini.
It is a fairly long ring route, about 40 km, with a somewhat steep climb in the first part (600 of development and 80 in altitude); But the other climbs are sweet and pleasant, with a nice falsoplane right on the Montalbano ridge, a nice descent and a panoramic uphill to the plains. It reaches an interesting observation point in the heart of Padule di Fucecchio, Italy's largest internal swamp, the last refuge for animal and plant species.
Length 49 km
Elevation uphill 550 m
Type of mountain bike route
Asphalt and dirt features
Difficult the first part of the climb

Vinci - Anchiano - San Baronto - Larciano - San Rocco of Larciano - Lamporecchio - Mastromarco - Apparita - Vinci
The ring route starts from Vinci and now reaches Anchiano, where Leonardo's birthplace is. It runs along a long stretch of dirt road on Montalbano ridge and, after passing S. Baronto, reaches from above with a beautiful descent, the castle of Larciano. Very pleasant also the stretch that connects Lamporecchio to Vinci through the countryside. The itinerary is connected with the route from San Baronto al Padule, it does not have any particular difficulty but requires a minimum of training.
Length 33 km
Elevation uphill 480 m
Type of mountain bike route
Asphalt and dirt features
Medium difficulty

Vinci - S. Ansano - S. Donato - Cerreto Guidi - Vinci
This is a classic cycling tour. Run all on asphalt with two short climbs: one to reach S. Ansano (about 80 m in altitude) and the other to reach Cerreto Guidi (one hundred meters). For a few kilometers you will be forced to juggle in traffic, but much of the route takes place on unpaved roads in the hills cultivated with olive groves and vineyards.
Length about 20 km
Altitude rise 250 m
Type of city bike route
Features on asphalt with a short section on dirt road.
Difficulty easy, just a little workout

Limit - Castra - Montalbano Ridge - Capraia - Limit
The itinerary develops between the Arno river and the southern slopes of Montalbano. It is easy to reach the asphalt, which is normally well shaded, and the descent from the forests of the ridge to the valley grows very beautiful, passing through a rich Mediterranean scrub.
Length 20.5 Km
Uphill climb 360 m
Type of mountain bike route
Asphalt and dirt features
Difficulty Medium; First part uphill, then downhill

Seano - Carmignano - Bacchereto - Verghereto - Pietramarina - Artimino - Poggio a Caiano - Seano
The itinerary crosses a territory rich in history, with beautiful villas, shrines and the park of what remains of the huge Medici hunting reserve: the Barco Reale Mediceo, which can be visited with a short deviation. The territory is also particularly rich in Tabernacles, margins and capitals.
Length 38 Km
Uphill climb 450 m
Type of mountain bike route
Asphalt and dirt features
Difficulty medium high, long and for some steep stretch

Casalguidi - Montemagno - Montorio - Argine Stella - Press of Bargi - Cantagrillo - Casalguidi
The trail is relatively easy and cyclotouristic. It only requires a minimum of climbing training. It is possible to pass a few kilometers from the nursery of the plain to the vineyards and olive groves typical of the Tuscan hills.
From the top of the hills you can admire beautiful Tuscan villas immersed in the greenery.
The panoramic views of the plain and the Pistoia mountains are also suggestive.
Length Km 34
Elevation uphill 200 m approx.
Type of route City bike or mountain bike
Asphalt and dirt features
Difficulty Easy, cyclotourism

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