Sibolla lake

Itinerary to the discovery of the Sibolla Lake Nature Reserve

Even though Sibolla Lake is small in size, with an area of ​​about 12,000 square meters, it can certainly be considered one of the country's most valuable natural environments.
It is located in a basin between the communes of Altopascio and Chiesina Uzzanese, in which the meteoric waters of an area of ​​about 1,400,000 square meters; Of these, about 270,000 square meters are the real palustra, covered by igrophilous vegetation and covered by a dense pattern of ditches and canals.
The main part of the area is surrounded by meadows, uncultivated fields and fields that are still cultivated; While in the south-east and eastern parts of the basin there are still wooded areas with igrofile and mesoxerofile characteristics, predominantly of Roverella and Pino marittimo.
Sibolla's water supply is almost entirely of "endogenous" origin, since the marshland is virtually devoid of permanent and significant immissaries. There is a single emissary, the Fosso Sibolla, which flows into the Padule di Fucecchio.

The protected area of ​​Lake Sibolla
The Sibolla Lake Nature Reserve has an area of ​​about 60 hectares and is entirely located in the Commune of Altopascio. The Province of Lucca directly manages the Riserva, using a Technical Committee and a Scientific Committee nominated by the Universities of Pisa and Florence. The Natural Resources Regulation operates through constraints and requirements on building, urban and infrastructure structures, resource use and soil protection, as well as through directives for the protection and enhancement of the environmental, natural and scientific values ​​of the area. In particular, they are forbidden; The building of new buildings; Agricultural, farming and pasture uses other than those of the traditional type; Hunting and fishing; The collection and removal of peat and sfagni; The introduction and use of any means of altering the biogeochemical cycles; Motor navigation; Any operation that may affect surface water and groundwater supplies.
Lake Sibolla has also been cited as a biotope of considerable vegetational interest worthy of conservation by the Italian Botanic Society (1971) and the National Research Council (1972).

For information and guided tours
Lake Sibolla is about 10 km from our hotel, and partly the way to arrive can be done by using the Via Francigena.

For visits 0573/84540

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