The woods of the Cerbaie

A few steps from the well-known nature reserve of Fucecchio marshes you will find the woods of the Cerbaie, a place that seems to stand in time hundreds of years ago.

Just a few steps from Fucecchio Marshes you will find the woods of the Cerbaie, a place that seems to be standing over time hundreds of years ago, located between the villages of Pinete, Torre and Vedute, in the town of Fucecchio. Impression is to being in a real enchanted forest.
The humid and cool climate allows growth as well as commonly used trees such as oak, oak and white fir trees, including rare plants such as Drosera Rotundifolia, a glacial carnivorous plant, and Osmunda Regalis, a typical tropical climate plant, dating back about 10 million years ago.
In this natural environment, still intact despite the proximity to the city, it still happens to encounter squirrels, rates, pits, maggies and peaks, unique and undisturbed forest dwellers.

It is possible to enjoy part of this area along the hiking paths that wind through the dense scrub and undergrowth and touch parking places equipped with tables and benches, ideal for a picnic or for a snack.

Possibility to participate in guided excursions: ecocerbaie

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